Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Fast-track your security operations goals

Rely on decades of experience to help you protect against cyberthreats

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Accelerate detection and response

Get access to the expertise and insights you need to secure your business 24/7

Shoulder-to-shoulder support

Bridge your skills gap with seasoned experts

Broad visibility into threats

Get help managing a large, diverse attack surface

Strengthened security posture

Stay ahead of emerging threats with advanced controls

Managed Detection and Response Services

MDR from the experts

Let our team help protect your organization in real time

Proactively monitor and manage threats across your attack surface

Attackers don’t rest. Neither do we.

With Managed Threat Detection and Response from LevelBlue, our elite team of cybersecurity professionals uses one centralized dashboard to track down and manage threats across your business

Get AI-driven responses to threats on the endpoint

The endpoint remains a top attack vector, but organizations are finding it tough to manage and secure the growing number of traditional and non-traditional endpoint devices.

With LevelBlue’s Managed Endpoint Security with SentinelOne, one team keeps watch across your diverse and distributed attack surface—and in one holistic view, so your endpoint threats can be found and addressed in real time.

Uncover your biggest risks

As your IT landscape evolves, system flaws, configuration errors, and other issues can create new vulnerabilities attackers might use to exploit security weaknesses.

The LevelBlue Managed Vulnerability Program combines our consultants’ expertise with a portfolio of industry-leading vulnerability management solutions to help you manage your risk.

Be ready for your worst-case scenario

In today’s threat landscape, it’s not if an attack will occur, but when. To be operationally resilient, you need to be proactive about understanding your strengths and identifying areas for improvement in your security infrastructure.

Our incident readiness services help you strategically plan for a security event.

Have a plan for when things don’t go as planned

What happens when your business is attacked? You need to be able to respond quickly and effectively to minimize the damage.

LevelBlue offers robust incident response services that are custom-built for your organization and a team of skilled IR and forensic specialists to assist when things go wrong.

Proactively monitor and manage threats across your attack surface

Get AI-driven responses to threats on the endpoint

Uncover your biggest risks

Be ready for your worst-case scenario

Have a plan for when things don’t go as planned

Discover the benefits

Get dedicated support from a team that understands your cyber risks and priorities

Global expertise

Overcome gaps in skill and experience and reduce the burden on your staff with our elite team of experienced cybersecurity professionals

Continuous monitoring

Secure your business with proactive security monitoring and threat hunting with analysts using state-of-the-art tools and threat intelligence

Increased efficiencies

Streamline security operations with an open XDR platform that includes powerful integrations, orchestrated response actions, simplified workflows, and more

Curated intelligence

Stay ahead of emerging threats with the latest intelligence and correlated rules powered by machine learning


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